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Community Workout

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Workout of the Day

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

In Partners: AMRAP in 20 Minutes

P1: 02 Dumbbell Front Squats (35/20, Rx+=Heavier)

P1: 02 Dumbbell Push Press (35/20, Rx+=Heavier)

P2: 02 Hand Release Push Ups (RX+=Hand Stand Push Ups)

P2: 02 Box Jumps (20/16, Rx+= Higher)

Both: 02 Medball Toss Sit-ups (20/14, 24″)
*Partner 1: DB front squats & DB Push Press

*Partner 2: Pushups & Box Jumps

*Both: Medball Toss Sit-ups

* Add 02 Reps to each movement after each round and swtich Partner positions.