About Our Gym

Palo Duro CrossFit is dedicated to helping people find “fitness for life” through the CrossFit model. Whether you are a fireman, stay-at-home mother, accountant, or medical physician, we believe being physically fit will increase your capacity to focus, manage stress, and overcome challenges. No matter your age, gender, or occupation, getting fit can dramatically improve your daily quality of life.

All our workouts are

Our CrossFit Classes are designed to only be 1 Hour Long and most of our workouts are only between 7-16 minutes long!

Functional movements are movements that prepare you for life. Functional movements are squatting, running, jumping, throwing, pulling, lifting things off the ground & lifting things overhead. These movements are found everywhere in everyday life and pre-date any gym.


Everything we do is timed and measured against the group at large. This creates immediate accountability and healthy competition. Every workout has a clock and is started at 3, 2, 1…Go! You will always compete against yourself and the clock. These factors drive the workouts to be performed at a high intensity.


All workouts are always measured against a clock. The force output of all movements, lifts, & workouts can be calculated for each athlete in each workout.


All workouts are done together in a group format and are started at the same time (unless started in heats).


All movements, lifts, & workouts can be modified to custom fit every person’s level of athleticism. Any person, with any level of fitness, can do every one of our workouts!

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