Cameron’s 40th Birthday 1 Ton Challenge


Cameron’s 40th Birthday 1 Ton Challenge

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Workout of the Day

Cameron’s 40th 1 Ton Challenge (15 Rounds for weight)

Within a 40 Minute Time Cap & in the LEAST amount of Reps as Possible:

Lift 2,000lbs for Men & 1,200lbs for Women.

3 Attempts at your 1 Counting Rep of:


Back Squat

Bench Press

Clean & Jerk


If your total is less than 2,000lbs/1200lbs, then you can “buy” more lifts.

400m Run or 500m Row = 3 More Attempts and 1 More Counting Rep

1 Mile Run = 5 More Counting Reps

*You cannot have more than 2 Counting Rep of a single lift until you have 2 Counting Reps of every other lift.