Mon, Sep 18


Mon, Sep 18



2000/1600m Row

25 Toes-to-Bar

1 Mile Run

25 Toes-to-Bar

80/60 Bike Cals


We would like to see EVERY athlete take this test at least 1 time in September and/or October. You can take this test in place of any WOD on any day! Scale as needed.


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Strength Work

As many as possible EOMOM for 12 Minutes

Farmer’s Carry (Walk 50′ EOMOM with a plate gripped in each hand)

Pick 2 Plates that are challenging for you. Score your weight and how many 50′ walks you make unbroken.

Workout of the Day

Metcon (Time)

For Time:

50 Push Press (95/65, Rx+=115/85)

75 Back Squat (Same bar as Push Press)

100 Sit-ups

*Break up anyway. Rx+=straight through.