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This will be the first time that we utilize the traditional bench press since we’ve been re-open. Please sanitize between uses, if sharing, and use 2 spotters from the sides and not one above presser’s head.

Bench Press (01 Set of 05 Reps E3MOM for 15 Minutes )

Workout of the Day

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

AMRAP in 14 Minutes for Total Reps:

200m Run (or 300m Row)

05 Hang Cleans (95/65, Rx+=50% of your 1RM Hang Clean)

05 Thrusters

07 Hang Cleans

07 Thrusters

09 Hang Cleans

09 Thrusters

200m Run (or 300m Row)

11 Hang Cleans

11 Thrusters

13 Hang Cleans

13 Thrusters

15 Hang Cleans

15 Thrusters

200m Run (or 300m Row)

17 Hang Cleans

17 Thrusters

19 Hang Cleans

19 Thrusters

21 Hang Cleans

21 Thrusters

200m Run (or 300m Row)

….continue pattern increasing by 02 reps for 03 sets, then a 200m Run
Rep Chart (Run counts as 01 Rep)

After 9th Thruster: 43 Reps

After 11th Thruster: 66 Reps

After 13th Thruster: 92 Reps

After 15th Thruster: 122 Reps

After 17th Thruster: 157 Reps

After 19th Thruster: 195 Reps

After 21st Thruster: 237 Reps