Lil Beast 7/17/19


Lil Beast 7/17/19

Palo Duro CrossFit – Lil Beasts

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Clean Up

Cones, small plates and ab mats scattered around gym. Separated into 2 teams. Beasts have 2min to move as much equipment to other teams side. Can only pick up one item at a time

Have kids move in different way each game– crab walk, bear crawl, two feet together hops

Losing team has 20 Jumping Jacks

Skeeter’s Nutrition

How can I be active on my own?

Skill Work

none (:

Workout of the Day

8min AMRAP

1 burpee, run

2 burpees, run

3 burpees, run

4 burpees, run



Octopus Tag

Beasts run across gym and become octopuses on the ground once tagged. Winner is it next!