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Community Workout

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Workout of the Day

Up & Down (Partner) (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP in 18 Minutes

60 Deadlifts (95/65, Rx+=135/95)

30 Synchronized Burpees

60 Front Squats

30 Alternating Burpees

60 Push Press

30 Burpees (15 Each)

AMRAP (in remaining time)

Clean & Jerk (Broken up however, 135/95)

**If you don’t get to the Clean & Jerks, record it as “0” rounds and however many reps you both get through. If you finish the first part, record it as “1” round. Record the total Clean & Jerks in the “Reps” section. (Example: If you and your partner get 30 Clean & Jerks, it would be recorded as 1 + 30.)