Community Workout


Community Workout


For the next 5 weeks, during the CrossFit Open, we have a big scheduling change!
– CANCELLATION of 6:45pm Class on Thursday Nights.
– An ADDITION of 6:45pm on Friday Nights.
Join us Thursday Nights at 7pm as we watch the Open workout announcements live at PDCF! Feel free to come up, bring food, and hang out as we watch the announcement together.
Join us Friday Nights at 5:45pm or 6:45pm to watch, help judge or participate in the open workout of the week. (All other Friday classes will be doing the open workouts too).

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Workout of the Day

Partner Angie (Time)

Partner Angie

In groups of 2 complete the following.

100 Pull-ups

100 Push-ups

100 Sit-ups

100 Squats

200m penalty run every time you switch who is doing work.

*Only one partner working at a time.

*Both partners have to run 200m when you switch for the other partner to work.

*All reps on one movement must be completed before moving to the next movement.