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Every 3 Minutes complete 06 Reps of Bench Press

Every Minute complete a Max Effort set of Diamond Push-ups

Bench Press (06 Reps E3MOM for 12 Minutes )

Diamond Push-ups (Max Effort sets EMOM for 12 Minutes )

With your hands forming a diamond, descend down, touching your chest to your hands and then extend back up until arms are locked out.
Your score is TOTAL Diamond Push-ups complete.

Workout of the Day

Metcon (Time)

For Time

50 Thrusters Each (95/65, Rx+=115/75)

*Only one partner working at a time.

* Every time you set down the bar complete 20 Med-ball (20/14) toss sit-ups over a 24″ Box.

*Switching who is working counts as setting down the bar, no handing the bar to each other either. 🙂